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Woman crushed to death after throwing herself behind digger during dispute

By Mason White 11:02 AM January 16, 2015
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By: Chan Yuan
A woman died while trying to argue with the driver of a digger.

The woman of China, was crushed to death after trying to stop the tractor from driving off after a dispute about the damage that was caused to her property.

The incident occurred after the driver was sent to dig a trench as part of the work being done to put in a pipeline in Kongwan, Hubei.

According to neighbors of the victim, Yu Chung, 49, and his wife Zhen, 48, claimed that the trench had been dug too close to their home, which caused a wall to crack and sag.

Angered by the damage, the couple reportedly used a pitchfork to threaten the driver of the digger and forced him to sign an agreement to pay them for the damage.

When he refused, the couple apparently chased him off the property and took the keys to the digger.

A week later, as the dispute remained unresolved, the owner of the excavator, Yu Bin, 29, returned to the property during the early hours of the morning.

Using a spare key, he attempted to drive away, but the noise of the engine awoke the couple.

Mrs. Chung ran outside and stood in front of the digger in order to stop him from getting away.

The digger driver then decided to back up and get away from the angry woman. She then ran behind the digger and laid down on the floor.

Sadly, the driver did not see her and ran over her body. Her husband and other witnesses behind the digger tried to help the woman, but it was too late.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.