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Gay chef ordered to sleep with female prostitute in exchange for keeping his job

By Mason White 1:07 PM January 18, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A gay man was given the choice of sleeping with a female prostitute of lose his job.

Now, the gay man is suing the manager of a restaurant for discrimination after he was allegedly forced to have sex with the prostitute in order to prove that he was heterosexual so that he can keep his job.

The incident occurred in Rimini, Italy. The 40-year-old man who worked as a chef in the restaurant said that he was often harassed by his homophobic manager.

The man said that one night, his manager told him that he had to prove to the rest of the staff that he was not gay.

The chef said that since he was afraid of losing his job, he agreed. The man drove to a street where prostitutes are known to hang out.

He met a woman from Romania, named Marta, and told her about his predicament. She agreed to work with him.

“We returned to the restaurant. My manager gave the prostitute $45 and told her what she had to do,” the chef said.

The pair went into a room to have sex, but then the chef decided against it, saying that “he felt he was being raped.”

When the two came out of the room, the man’s colleagues asked the woman how things went. She said it was fine, but they did not believe her. The coworkers then demanded to know if he was homosexual or heterosexual.

The man ultimately lost his job over the incident. When the incident became public, it has provoked outrage in the country, especially with gay rights activists.

The LGBT rights group Arcigay, said that the incident highlights homophobia in the country. Marco Toni, the founder of Arcigay, hopes that another restaurant will offer the chef a job in a show of solidarity against homophobia.