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Man calls police to complain about foxes have sex in his garden

By Mason White 2:50 PM January 19, 2015
Foxes illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man called police to complain that foxes are having sex in his garden, police in Germany said.

68-year-old Peter Komoll of Berlin, said that he saw the animals stuck to each other and was concerned for their well being.

The police of Zehlendorfer, told Komoll that they are not interested about the matter and warned not to call back. He was also told to call animal control and stop wasting police time.

In November, a woman freaked out when her neighbor’s cat gave her a strange look, police in the United Kingdom said.

Gloucestershire Police said that the woman, who was not identified, called police to report that her neighbor’s cat was giving her “a weird look.”

The woman was warned that she could face arrest for misusing the police telephone system.