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Woman sentenced to 219 years in prison for her role in incestuous sex ring

By Mason White 12:27 PM January 19, 2015
Brittney Wood with daughter Payton 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Many members of a family were arrested for their involvement in an incestuous sex ring.

Wendy Holland, 35, who was one of the ring leaders, was sentenced to 219 years in prison for her role in the network of incestuous sexual exploitation of children.

Authorities said that Holland, was part of a group of family and friends who sexually abused children and exchange their own children for sex over many years.

Holland showed no emotion when the judge sentenced her on Thursday, to what amounts to a life sentence. She must serve at least 50 years in prison before being considered for parole, a prosecutor said.

Jurors convicted the woman of sodomy, sexual abuse and other charges. Another defendant, William Brownlee, 50, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Brownlee was convicted of sodomy and sexual abuse.

The two were among 11 people accused of sex crimes. Their crimes came to light in 2012, after the disappearance of 19-year-old Brittney Wood.

She remains missing and is presumed dead. After Woods went missing, her uncle, Donnie Holland Sr., was found dead from a single gunshot to the head. His death was ruled a suicide.

Donnie Holland is the husband of Wendy Holland, who was jailed for 219 years. Their son Donald Paul Holland Jr., 22, was also arrested and charged with incest, rape and sexual abuse.

During trial, some of the victims, including girls and boys, came forward and testified against their family members.

Even without testimony from Brittney Wood, two of her uncles and her older brother pleaded guilty to sex charges. They are awaiting sentencing.

One of the suspects admitted that they had sex with children while they were still in diapers and that the family had group sex with the underage kids.

Sadly, none of the suspects shed light on the whereabouts of Brittney Wood, who is a single mother to a 4-year-old daughter named Payton.