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Woman who tried to have breasts like her mother left with lopsided nipples

By Mason White 12:40 PM January 20, 2015
Katie and daughter Amy Hoskins 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was jealous of her mother’s good looks and tried to get breasts like her.

However, the daughter was devastated after her breast implants surgery failed, leaving her disfigured.

Amy Hoskins, 22, of Dorking, England, wanted to look like her mother, Katie, who had breast implants that gave her cleavage and self confidence.

With the support of her mother, she began looking for a surgeon to enlarge her breast size to 32G.

At first, Amy was happy with her new look, but then her implants began to move. Amy’s breasts became saggy as her areolas increased in size, but not in proportion with her breasts.

Amy returned to the original surgeon, who said that he could fix the damage – but she would have to pay for the repairs. Since she could not afford it, Amy had to learn to live with her weird breasts.

She said that this had a great impact on her self-esteem and relationships with both her boyfriend as well as with her mother.

Amy refuses to take her clothes off in front of her boyfriend because she was embarrassed of the way she looked.

She also refuses to allow her boyfriend to visit her mother as she was jealous of her mother because she has got what she wanted, Amy said about her mother’s breasts.

Katie said that the situation made her upset as well. “It was hard for me to watch my daughter suffering while knowing that she wanted to be like her mother,” Katie said.

“She was never insecure before and now she is the most insecure person you will ever meet,” Katie added.

Amy reached out to the producers of the television show On Botched Up Bodies, and finally met plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci in London, who agreed to do corrective surgery on her.

The doctor recommended much smaller breast implants to match her petite body. He also told her that the surgery could leave her with some scars.

Dr. Mallucci operated on Amy, and she was delighted with the end results.

She said: “I’m so grateful for what Dr. Mallucci has done. Now, I have a pair of breasts like my mother and that’s what I always wanted.”