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Man forces elderly woman to perform sex acts on him

By Mason White 10:39 AM January 21, 2015
Christopher D’Angelo Watts 

By: Feng Qian
A man will spend the rest of his life in prison for attacking an elderly woman.

30-year-old Christopher D’Angelo Watts of Jacksonville, Florida, was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, after he was found guilty of committing several crimes against the woman.

Watts was charged and found guilty of one count of armed robbery, one count of armed burglary and one count of sexual battery.

According to police, Watts broke into the residence of the 66-year-old woman by smashing a sliding glass door with a shotgun.

Watts then demanded money and jewelry from the victim, and threatened to rape and shoot her if she did not comply with his demands.

Watts also forced the victim to remove her clothes and to perform a sex act on him before fleeing the scene. The suspect’s blood was found on a broken piece of glass from the sliding door, which linked him to the crime.