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Woman fakes her own death to break up with man

By Mason White 10:48 AM January 21, 2015
Ann-Marie Gray 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A woman faked her own death to break up with a man.

29-year-old Ann-Marie Gray of Somerset, England, said that she had been seeing the man after meeting him on an online dating site.

After their third date, Gray decided that the was not for her and ended things. Gray said that she was happy that the two did not live in the same city.

However, the man did not feel the same way and he wanted to continue dating her.

β€œHe continued sending me text messages and then one the day, he sent me a message saying: β€˜I think we have to have a date tonight. I will be at your house in 30 minutes,’” Gray said.

Gray did not want to go out with the man so she sent him a text message claiming that she died.

Here are the series of text messages between the two:

Gray: Hi there. This is Ann-Marie’s sister. I am really sorry to tell you, but she was taken into the hospital last night with a very serious illness, so she won’t be available for a while. Sorry about that. If or when she comes around and is feeling better, I will get her to message you.

The man: Ok thanks. What ward is she on? I will come and visit her now!

Gray: Well, they are only letting family in at the moment, so I will let you know when they are allowing visitors.

The man: I am outside the hospital now. Can you tell me what ward she is on?

Gray responded: I am really sorry to tell you but we lost her last night.

Apparently, that did the trick to get him off her back.

However, the man later discovered that her death was not permanent. When the man signed up for a dating site again a few months later, he found that Gray had recently set up a profile as well.

The man sent her a nasty message after realizing that he was played. Gray said that she understood why he reacted that way.

Gray is now engaged to another man.