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British soldier rapes 6-year-old girl inside her home in Austria

By Mason White 11:22 AM January 22, 2015
Soldier illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A soldier was arrested after he raped a young girl.

The British soldier was charged with raping the 6-year-old girl at her home in Austria.

The man is reportedly a Bombardier in the 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.

A bombardier is member of a combat aircraft crew who operates the bombsight and drops the bombs.

The soldier, who has not been named, is accused of attacking the girl after climbing through the window of her bedroom while he was intoxicated.

The child’s father woke up after hearing noise. After going to his daughter’s room to investigate, he reportedly found the soldier half naked.

The soldier was accused of raping the girl in her bed inside her home in Neustift, Stubaital.

The soldier was remanded into custody on charges of rape. The soldier was taking part in a training course in the Tyrol region of the Austrian Alp, when the alleged incident occurred.

The soldier was due to return to the base in Merville Barracks in Colchester, the next day.

There had been some debate about whether the case would be tried by the British Army. However, it has now been decided that he will face criminal charges in Austria.

The soldier is facing up 10 ten years in prison if he is convicted.