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Child rapist wants ankle bracelet removed because it hurts his social life

By Mason White 11:47 AM January 22, 2015
Darren Michael Costello 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A child rapist in asking a judge to allow him to stop wearing an ankle bracelet monitor.

Darren Michael Costello, 43, of Australia, spent 13 years in prison for raping a young girl, who later killed herself.

When he was released from prison, Costello was ordered to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet.

However, he is fighting to have it removed, saying that the device makes him feel “uncomfortable, paranoid, uneasy and anxious.”

Costello asked the Supreme Court of Queensland, for the right to have the device removed, saying that wearing the bracelet hurts his social life because people ask questions when his monitor beeps. “Everyone knows my personal business,” he said.

Costello was ordered to serve 13 years behind bars for raping a young schoolgirl while he was on probation for trying to rob a pregnant woman while armed with a baseball bat.

Costello was convicted of raping the girl after she left a skating rink in the Brisbane suburb of Inala.

The girl hanged herself just days before Costello was due in court, where he pleaded guilty to the abuse.