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Family learns they are living with fugitive child rapist

By Mason White 9:13 AM January 23, 2015
Shawn Anderson 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A family rented a room in their home to a man, who turned out to be a wanted fugitive.

Jess Quilling of Wisconsin, stumbled upon a Facebook post about a wanted fugitive, who lived in their family home.

Shawn Anderson, 31, who lived with the family for one month, began receiving mail under different aliases.

Quilling suspected that something was not right about Anderson, who had rented a room in her house.

She began to do research on him online, using his different aliases. Quilling was horrified to discover that their new tenant was in fact a fugitive wanted for sex crimes.

The post revealed that Anderson was from Alexandria, Indiana. The police department had posted a description of Anderson on Facebook, explaining that he was wanted for sexually abusing children and for incest.

Quilling and her husband called the police, and Anderson was arrested.