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Doctor who married 56 women and had 300 children looking to build his own family village

By Mason White 3:41 PM January 25, 2015
Village illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A doctor in Nigeria, is looking to build a village for his own family after marrying 56 women and having 300 children.

68-year-old Simon Odo of Nsukka, hopes to form his own exclusive village for his offspring.

The nutritionist, who is also known as Onu Uwa, believes that his family is now large enough to be able to run an entire village.

Odo said that he will marry even more women and have more children because he is sexually active and women find him attractive.

Some married women are even contemplating leaving their husbands for him.

The doctor said that there is nothing wrong with his way of life as long as the women and children live in peace and he is able to provide for them all.

All 56 women work, and some even own restaurants. Odo said that he plans to name his village Onuwa.