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Woman kills her married boyfriend because he refused to buy her a car

By Mason White 5:40 PM January 25, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A married man is dead after he failed to buy a new car for his mistress, police in Nigeria said.

Ondo State Police said that Bankole Charles met Loretta Odikagbo on a dating website, and began a relationship with her.

Police believe that Okadigbo, 28, did not know that her boyfriend is married and has children. When she asked him to marry her, Charles confessed that he was married and had children.

Okadigbo became extremely angry and demanded that Charles buy her a new car. When he refused, Okadigbo enlisted the help of a Ime Francis Moses and another man, and went to his apartment to kill him.

Okadigbo denied the allegations, and said that she was not at her boyfriend’s house at the time he was murdered as she was at an ATM using his bank card to withdraw cash.

However, Moses said that he witnessed Okadigbo beating her boyfriend and placing a bag over his head. She then sat on his face until he suffocated while he held the man’s head.

Moses said that Okadigbo paid him N28,000($146) for taking part in the killing.