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Mother leaves her baby alone in car after God and aliens told her to visit amusement park

By Mason White 5:44 PM January 25, 2015
Jason Lee and Frances Greene 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother was arrested on charges of child neglect after allegedly leaving her baby alone in a car to go see an amusement park, police in North Carolina said.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said that a security officer at the Carowinds amusement park noticed a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot around 8:00 p.m., and called the police.

Officers who arrived at the scene, found an 8-month-old baby alone and crying in the car.

After about 20 minutes – the baby’s parents, 42-year-old Jason Lee and 30-year-old Frances Greene, both of Lexington – returned to the car.

Lee told police that Greene wanted to see Carowinds, so he brought her and her 8-month-old child to the park, but left the baby alone in the car.

Carowinds was not open at the time. Greene told police that she heard voices from God telling her to go see the park. Later, she said that the voices were actually aliens, and they wanted her to leave her body behind and come with them.

The woman told police she rejected the aliens because she wanted to be with her family. She was taken to the Piedmont Medical Center for a psychological evaluation.

Greene and Lee were booked into the York County Detention Center on Thursday morning. Both were charged with child neglect.

The baby was taken into protective custody by the Department of Social Services.