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Bus driver watches as 12-year-old girl performs sex acts on 17-year-old student

By Mason White 9:58 AM January 25, 2015
Kristy Lawrence 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A school bus driver was fired and later arrested for not stopping students from having sex on her bus.

According to police, the former school bus driver is in trouble with the law in connection with the sexual acts even though she was not directly involved in the incidents.

31-year-old Kristy Lawrence of Louisville, Kentucky, did not try to stop an eight-minute sexual ordeal, which was caught on surveillance video. The sex abuse took place while the girl was sitting in the seat directly behind the bus driver.

The girl had been sitting in the seat behind the driver because she was being bullied on the bus.

According to court documents, “Lawrence did not make a substantial effort to prevent sexual misconduct and / or sexual abuse of a child.”

The 17-year-old student is being charged in the case as a juvenile while the bus driver is facing serious charges. Lawrence was arrested on Saturday, and was charged with third-degree sexual abuse and sexual misconduct.