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Hot-looking woman marries her best friend’s father

By Mason White 10:11 AM January 25, 2015
Jimmy and Claire Dean 

By: Wayne Morin
People tried to discourage a woman from marrying her best friend’s father.

However, her love for the man made her look past his poor looks.

The divorced father of three children in Cambridgeshire, managed to steal the heat of his daughter’s friend, who is 25 years his junior.

Claire Dean married 54-year-old Jimmy, who is overweight and has only one eye. The blonde beauty was only 17 years old when she fell in love with her friend’s father.

The couple proved people wrong as they are now celebrating their fifth anniversary despite the criticism over their marriage.

Jimmy and Claire Dean were nicknamed the “Beauty and the Beast” by friends who think Claire, now 29, could have done much better.

The couple has a son, Jimmy Junior, who is 1 year old.

The couple first met when Claire and Jimmy’s daughter, Gemma, became friends after meeting at a nearby fair.

Gemma’s family runs a local fair ground and Jimmy gave Claire a job when she was 15 years old. A few years later, Gemma told Claire that her parents were going through a divorce.

Gemma invited her friend over to her home. Claira saw that Jimmy was struggling to divide his time between the fairground business and caring for his young sons, James, then 12 years old, and Charlie, then 11 years old.

Claira said that when ever she was around Jimmy, “he made my tummy flip. I couldn’t ignore the butterflies,” she said.

“I saw past the fact that he was older, balding and had a big belly. To me he was gorgeous,” she added.

Claire offered to help care for his sons and soon moved into his home. The couple and his kids got along very well and she became like extended family.

The two fell in love and decided to get married with the blessings from his daughter and her friend Gemma.