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9-year-old twin boys left home alone for 4 months

By Mason White 11:51 AM January 26, 2015
Giobari Atura 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Two boys cared for themselves for months while their parents were far away from home.

The 9-year-old twin boys were left alone in their apartment in New Hampshire, for 4 months after their parents took three siblings to Africa.

The parent of the twins asked the children’s uncle to care for them, police said. However, he left them home alone and came to check on them once in a few days.

Manchester Police said that 25-year-old Giobari Atura, told them that he visited the children every few days to bring them food, but when the police went to the home, they found no edible food in the refrigerator. There was only ramen noodles in a closet.

Atura was arrested and charged with one count of endangering the welfare of a child. He was freed after posting $500 bail.

The children’s father, Jerusalem Monday, went to Nigeria with his wife and three children with the intention of returning after 4 weeks. However, police said that they were delayed by illness and problems with their passport.

The case came to light when the boys told school officials that they had been living on their own for months.

The kids woke up every morning and went on the bus be themselves. They said that they ate breakfast and lunch at school.

The boys were taken into protective custody and then placed in foster care.

Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Michael Valentine said that the parents returned home shortly after learning that the boys were being left home alone.

Valentine said that the parents will not be charged since they left the children in the care of an adult. The children were reunited with their parents and siblings when they returned home.