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2 boys who were high on drugs die after jumping into lake to escape from police

By Mason White 3:26 PM January 26, 2015
Lake illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Two boys are dead after they were caught smoking marijuana in a school, police in Nigeria said.

Bayelsa State Police said that the two boys died on Saturday, after jumping into a river and drowning while trying to escape from police.

According to the police investigation, the two suspects were smoking marijuana in a school when drug enforcement officers arrived to arrest them.

When the two boys saw the officers, they immediately ran to the nearby river, jumped into it and drowned. Divers were able to recover the body of Meipor Ebinimias, on Saturday night, while the second victim has not been found.

A neighbor told police that it was not the first time that the boys smoked marijuana at the school.

School officials have filed numerous complaints with the police about teens using their facilities to engage in illegal activities over the weekends.