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Sex offender forces woman to drink his urine

By Mason White 10:43 AM January 27, 2015
Nicholas Allen Talbot 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested for abusing a woman and forcing her to drink his urine every day.

The 35-year-old man of Nebraska, who is a registered sex offender, is accused of forcing the woman to sign a “slave contract” before torturing her.

After forcing her to sign the contract, Nicholas Allen Talbot of Lincoln, told the woman that it was a legal and binding contract.

He allegedly wrote “property of Nick” on the arm of the woman with a black marker.

Police arrested Talbot after the 32-year-old victim, who was described as sweet and vulnerable, told her pastor and his wife about the abuse.

The woman was afraid to go to the police because Talbot threatened to kill her family. He also convinced her that the police were part of his gang.

On Monday, she finally told the pastor about the ongoing abuse. Rev. Kathy Gouin of the Lincoln Foursquare Church, said that the woman showed her pastor the wounds and police were called.

The woman had about 5 burn marks on her spine, which came from Talbot extinguishing his cigarettes on her, the victim told police.

There were also burns on her behind, which Talbot made with a lighter. A similar bruise was found on her right breast, where Talbot placed the tip of a heated screwdriver.

The woman also told investigators that Talbot forced her to drink her urine once or twice every day over several years.