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Real estate appraiser picks up drunk men at beer pong tournaments and rapes them in his shower (video)

By Mason White 3:29 PM January 28, 2015
Joey Poindexter 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A real estate appraiser was arrested, charged and convicted of rape after raping a drunk man in his shower, prosecutors in Maryland said.

40-year-old Joey Poindexter of Gaithersburg, was charged with four counts of sexual assault in connection with an incident in which a young man was raped in the shower of the defendant’s home.

Poindexter, who works as a real estate appraiser, faces up to 70 years in prison.

A second trial, on charges related to other alleged victims, is scheduled to begin next month. In total, Poindexter is believed to have raped 10 men.

Prosecutors showed the court video and photographic evidence in which Poindexter was seen having sex with the victim.

Poindexter recorded the sex acts. Poindexter claims that the encounter was consensual.

Prosecutors had a five-minute video which showed Poindexter sexually assaulting the victim while the man was unconscious in his shower.

The court was told that Poindexter picked up the drunk man at a beer pong tournament.