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Man caught breaking into farms to have sex with horses

By Mason White 4:42 PM January 28, 2015
Alan Barnfield 

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on charges of after allegedly breaking into farms to have sex with horses, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

44-year-old Alan Barnfield of Doncaster, was arrested after being caught by police in a farm and smelling of horses.

Barnfield has denied the allegations made against him, saying that he only went to the farm to feed horses.

Prosecutors told the Sheffield Crown Court, that people living near the stable saw Barnfield enter the farm and thought that he was going to steal some horses.

The called police, who arrived at the scene and saw Barnfield sweating profusely as he smelled of horses. Barnfield allegedly raped one horse with a bottle before having sex with it.

Investigators found horse DNA on Barnfield after the incident.