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Woman ordered to apologize to pastor who sent her nude photos of himself

By Mason White 12:13 PM January 28, 2015
Lorena Blakkie with the photo of the pastor 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was angry when a pastor sent her a nude photo of himself.

The 21-years-old woman of Johannesburg, South Africa, was stunned when she was asked to apologize after the pastor sent her the indecent pictures.

Lorena Blakkie of Rosettenville, said that she did not go to church for three years, and she recently decided to start going again.

A friend recommended the Fivefold Ministries church in Pimville, Soweto, and Lorena said she went there on Sunday, but she got a welcome that she never expected.

When the 40-year-old pastor Thabang Moloi, asked for her cellphone number, she thought it was for church matters.

However, the pastor began sending her romantic messages that ended with a photo of his manhood on WhatsApp.

Lorena said that she became angry, disgusted and disappointed. β€œHe asked me to go out for lunch, but I told him I was in a relationship,” Lorena said.

Lorena, who is not married, told her mother about the incident and they decided to take the matter to the senior pastors, but all supported Pastor Moloi.

Lorena said that she was ordered to apologize to the pastor, saying that the photos were not sent as a church matter, but was personal between the two.

Moloi confirmed that he sent the photos, but claimed that Lorena was interested in him. He said that he trusted the woman and that he sent the photo of his privates to the woman because he wanted to make her his wife.

The pastor asked the woman to look at the photo of his body and then delete the photo from her phone. However, she decided not to do so, and she shared the photo along with his messages with the public.

β€œI’ve lost all respect for the elders of the church. I will never go to church again,” Lorena said.

Lieutenant Kay Makhubela said that Lorena can file charges of sexual harassment against the pastor.