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Popular doctor caught shoplifting groceries from supermarket

By Mason White 3:45 PM January 29, 2015
Shopping cart filled with groceries illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A doctor was arrested on charges of shoplifting after being caught shoplifting groceries from a supermarket, police in Zimbabwe said.

Harare Police said that they arrested 32-year-old Dr. Paul Kadungure, after walking out of an OK Zimbabwe supermarket with $91 worth of products without paying for them.

Kadungure appeared before the Harare Magistrate’s Court, where he pleaded guilty to theft. Prosecutors told the court that this was not the first time that the doctor was caught shoplifting.

Kadungure was recently arrested for stealing food from a Spar Supermarket. Kadungure told the court that he did not intend to steal from the supermarket.

He even offered to pay for the items after he was caught, but the police insisted on arresting him.

According to the police investigation, Kadungure went to the OK Zimbabwe supermarket on Fife Avenue, and took many items worth a total of $91.

He went to the cashier and paid just $0.60 for two items. After paying for the two items, he left the store.

A security guard at the door detained the doctor and called the police after looking at his receipt, which showed that he only paid for two items.

The court sentenced Kadungure to 6 months in prison suspended for 5 years. He also received a fine of $100.