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Truck driver abducts prostitutes and rapes them on custom built rape machine

By Mason White 3:53 PM January 29, 2015
Prostitute illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A truck driver was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly abducting prostitutes and raping them on his custom built rape machine, prosecutors in Australia said.

Prosecutors told the County Court that the serial rapist, 56-year-old Dennis Newall, kidnapped and sexually assaulted three women on his rape machine that he stored in a bus.

Newall put his terrified victims on the machine before raping them.

Newall told the women that his machine was not complete and that he was planning to add a mechanical arm to better rape them.

The father of four children had used his son to help him kidnap two women and take them to the bus, which he kept in Brooklyn.

Newall pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping two prostitutes.

According to the police investigation, Newall ordered the women to get in the back seat of his truck and placed blankets placed over their heads before taking them to the bus.

Newall took the victims to a wooden cross in the back of the bus, and said that it was a rape machine. The victims were put on the cross and Newall raped them before asking how they would rate his performance.