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Customer’s name appears as ‘A**hole Brown’ on Comcast bill

By Mason White 3:55 PM January 29, 2015
Comcast bill for A**hole Brown 

By: Chan Yuan
A Comcast customer was angry after getting his monthly bill and seeing his name as “A** Hole.”

Lisa Brown of Spokane, Washington, said that she called the company to cancel her cable TV subscription in order to save money.

She was transferred to a specialist who tried to convince her to sign a new contract. Brown refused the offers. When the next bill came, the name of her husband had been changed to “A**hole.”

Brown called the company and even visited a Comcast office, but she could not get the name changed. Comcast launched an investigation into the incident.

A company employee apologized to Brown for the completely unacceptable and inappropriate name.

“We have zero tolerance for this kind of disrespectful behavior and we conducting a thorough investigation to determine what happened. We are working with our customer to make this right and we will take appropriate measures to prevent this from happening again,” the company said in a statement.

Comcast plans to change the name, fire the employee responsible, give Brown a refund for the past two years of service and add two more years of service free of charge.