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Adult entertainment company offers man job as porn star after wife chopped of his manhood twice

By Mason White 11:49 AM January 29, 2015
Lung fighting with his wife (left) Lung with his lover (right) 

By: Feng Qian
A man was offered a job as an adult movie star after his wife chopped off his manhood twice.

Fan Lung, 32, of Shangqiu, China, used his wife’s phone to send his lover, Zhang Hung, 21, an email from their home.

However, the father of five children forgot to log out of his email account. His wife, Feng, 30, saw with the email message along with several other messages, which he sent to his lover.

This made his wife angry, and she flew into a rage. The wife grabbed a pair of scissors, and while her husband was sleeping, she cut off his manhood.

Fan was rushed to a hospital, where doctors were able to reattach the man’s private parts.

However, the wife did not want that her husband should have his private parts. She went to visit her husband at the hospital, where she cut off her husband’s private parts for a second time. This time, she threw it out the window so doctors won’t be able to reattach it.

The husband ran outside, and the couple began fighting. Sadly, this time, doctors were unable to reattach his manhood.

Doctors said that Lung is in stable condition, but he is extremely distraught.

His lover came to visit him at the hospital, and said that she still plans to marry him despite the fact that he lost his manhood.

She reportedly said that it doesn’t matter if he lost his ability to have children as he already has five.

Feng was treated for minor injuries before she was arrested for causing serious personal injury.

Now, a company that sent Lung their “deepest and sincere condolences,” offered to cover the costs of production and distribution of adult movies, and they will allow him to keep 100 percent of the proceeds.

“Our intention is to help you financially through this incredibly difficult time and to help you to restore your sexual confidence,” the company wrote in a letter to Lung.