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29-year-old virgin offers women the chance to have sex in exchange for cash

By Mason White 12:00 PM January 30, 2015
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By: Feng Qian
A 29-year-old virgin is offering women the chance to take his virginity in exchange for cash in order to pay down debt, according to an advertisement published in Romania.

Seb Ciercies of Brasov, placed the advertisement in a local newspaper, offering up his body so he could pay his mounting debts.

In the advertisement Ciercies wrote: “Man, 29, Brasov, athletic and toned, dark hair. I’m selling my virginity. Cost 850 euros ($964). Transportation not included.”

Several weeks have passed by since Ciercies placed the advertisement, but so far, no one contacted him.

Ciercies said that he cannot understand why no one is interested in him because he believes that he is a good-looking guy.

He also said that since he didn’t specify in the advertisement whether he is looking for a man or a woman, he expected gay men to respond, but they didn’t.

Ciercies said that he accumulated debt due to his unemployment as he has to care for his sick brother.