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Magazine ordered to pay $50,000 for publishing nude photos of popular celebrities

By Mason White 2:00 PM January 30, 2015
Haruka Ayase 

By: Feng Qian
A court in Japan, ordered a magazine publisher to pay more than $50,000 to several popular celebrities for publishing their nude photos without consent.

The Tokyo District Court on Thursday, ordered the editor of Shukan Jitsuwa, which is owned by Nihon Journal, to pay eight female celebrities 800,000 yen ($6,800) each in compensation for publishing an article that included nudity.

The photos in the magazine included topless illustrations of the popular celebrities. One of the women were identified as singer Atsuko Maeda, a former member of AKB48 group, and actress Haruka Ayase.

The judge said that the article was meant to inspire a strong sense of shame and discomfort to the celebrities, was insulting and crossed the line.

The judge however, rejected the amount requested by the celebrities. In the lawsuit, each plaintiff sought 11 million yen ($93,500) in compensation.