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Female police officer wearing her uniform takes selfie while pleasuring herself

By Mason White 8:39 AM January 30, 2015
Cynthia Marrero Pomales 

By: Wayne Morin
A female police officer was left embarrassed after nude photos of her went viral.

The police officer of Puerto Rico, was suspended amid allegations that she took x-rated pictures as she pleasured herself while wearing her uniform. She was on-duty at the time.

She posted the photos to social media sites and allowed her small private circle of friends to see it. However, the images were leaked by her fellow officers and it was shared on social networks, where it has gone viral.

Senior officers identified the female officer in the photos as Cynthia Marrero Pomales, 29, who is based in Carolina, near the capital San Juan.

In one image, the officer was seen performing sex acts on herself while she was draped in a U.S. flag.

The officer was immediately suspended after being accused of offending the honor of the police force and damaging their reputation in the eyes of the public.