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Man kills his sister for bullying their elderly mother

By Mason White 8:43 AM January 30, 2015
Wang being arrested 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder for killing his sister.

The man of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, killed his older sister for bullying their mother.

The man was identified as 44-year-old Wang. He is single and unemployed, and he spent most of his time caring for his elderly mother.

He, his mother and his sister lived together. They lived off money left to their mother by her late husband.

Wang did most of the housework such as cooking and cleaning, while her sister was out with friends and refused to help care for her mother.

Wang was frustrated with his sister as she constantly demanded money from their mother so she can go out and have a good time.

Wang said that his mother fell ill and was hospitalized. In less than 24 hours after their mother returned from the hospital, his sister demanded money from her mother.

Frustrated by the lack of caring shown by his sister, Wang took a kitchen knife and stabbed her to death.

He then cleaned the crime scene and prepared breakfast for his mother. Later that afternoon, when his mother was asleep, he called the police and turned himself in for murder.

Wang allegedly told police the he had contemplated suicide on a number of occasions due to stress in the home.

However, he knew that it would be bad for his mother to be left alone with his sister.

He claimed that his sister often abused their mother, physically and emotionally, and constantly demanded money from her so she could go hang out with friends.