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Woman wins $1.5 million after car accident caused her to become a dominatrix

By Mason White 12:54 PM February 1, 2015
Alissa Afonina 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman filed a lawsuit, demanding million of dollars in damages after a car accident caused her to become a dominatrix, according to court documents in Canada.

Alissa Afonina of Burnaby, British Columbia, and her mother asked the court for a $2.5 million judgment after claiming that the accident caused them to suffer.

Now, Afonina was awarded $1,530,000 after the judge ruled that she had suffered a mild brain injury. The judge stated that the decision of Afonina to work as a dominatrix was a manifestation of her brain injury.

The mother, Alla Afonina, received $943,889. Additionally, the mother’s former boyfriend, Peter Jansson, was found liable for the accident that occurred on Highway 1 because he was driving fast while it was raining.

Before the accident, Alissa Afonina was a typical college student, the court heard. The student’s former teacher testified that she was the top of her class.

After the accident, the student began working as a dominatrix because her brain injuries caused her to be willing to engage in risky activities for the money, according to the lawsuit.

The mother received compensation after she was unable to work as a result of the accident.