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2 women pull each other’s hair out after arriving in prison to visit the same man at once

By Mason White 5:28 PM February 1, 2015
Jamie Myres (left) and Donna Scott 

By: Feng Qian
Two female rivals were arrested on charges of assault after pulling each other’s hair out while visiting their boyfriend in prison, police in Louisiana said.

Washington Parish Police said that 34-year-old Jamie Myres of Angie, was charged with aggravated assault and introduction of contraband.

She was released after posting $75,000 bail. Her rival, 24-year-old Donna Scott of Bogalusa, was hospitalized with cuts on her face.

After being treated, she was charged with disturbing the peace and was released on $750 bail.

According to the police investigation, both women were visiting Brenton Morris, who was jailed on charges of distributing drugs and contempt of court.

Myres and Scott were placed in the same booth for their visit with Morris. When Morris arrived, the two women got into a verbal altercation that led to a physical fight inside the booth.

During the fight, Myres pulled a knife and cut Scott on the ear and face. The two women also pulled each other’s hair out. The two women were separated by prison guards.