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2 council members dress as prostitutes on street corner to shame men (video)

By Mason White 9:10 AM February 2, 2015
Council members Anastasia Petrella and Stefania Sangermano 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) In a bold effort to stop prostitution, two council members in Italy, took matters into their own hands.

The two female council members have embarked on an unusual quest to stop illegal prostitution.

The women dressed in revealing tops and mini skirts while standing on the sidewalk with hidden cameras.

The stunt was initiated by Mayor Dimitri Russo, who was also part of the prostitution bust. He hid behind some cars while the two fake prostitutes waited for “customers.”

Mayor Russo and council members Anastasia Petrella and Stefania Sangermano, staged the stunt after being frustrated over the detrimental effect prostitution has in Castel Volturno.

The “fake prostitute” campaign was meant to shame men and to drive a message to the male population that prostitution will not be tolerated.

When men stopped to pick up the “prostitutes,” they were confronted by the mayor and a camera person, who came out from behind the parked cars.

Russo handed out leaflets, warning the men of their civic responsibilities and exactly why prostitution is illegal.

However, when the men saw the mayor coming with a television camera, most people drove off at high speed.

The video footage along with the license plates of the offenders were handed over to the police in Castel Volturno, who prosecuted the men.

In all cases, the men reportedly paid the fine rather than risk the embarrassment of going to court.

Russo said that he wanted to send a reminder to people who use the services of prostitutes and the prostitutes themselves, that they will face legal consequences.