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Man keeps his 6 kids captive while having sex with his teenage daughter

By Mason White 9:21 AM February 2, 2015
Sad girl illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A father was arrested after keeping his young children captive for many years.

A man of Thokoza, South Africa, kept his six children in captivity, and he repeatedly had sex with his teenage daughter.

Neighbors were shocked as they never suspected that there were children living in the home. When police were tipped off and broke down the door, they found six bewildered children who had hardly ever seen the sun.

The six children are said to be between the ages of 2 and 21. They never went to school.

When the man left his home, he tied his 21-year-old son with a rope so that he would not leave the home.

A 15-year-old girl cried as she told police how her father raped her every night.

The children’s father, 53, was arrested and appeared in court on Tuesday, where he was denied bail.

Michael Mkomo, 41, said that one of the children is his nephew. “Every child has a different mother,” Mkomo said.

“I think all the mothers have died and the children were cared for by the father,” Mkomo added. However, nobody knows how the moms died.

Captain Mega Ndobe confirmed that an assault case was opened at the Eden Park police station.

Ndobe said that police took the children to a hospital for observation. The children were later transferred to a safe place.