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Woman gets revenge against cheating husband by sleeping with his mistress’ brother

By Mason White 9:55 AM February 2, 2015
Couple in bed illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman decided to teach her cheating husband a lesson by cheating on him.

A businessman of Mberengwa, Zimbabwe, attempted to commit suicide by drinking cyanide after he caught his wife in bed with the brother of his mistress.

The businessman caught his wife in the act after he was tipped off by his lover. The mistress told the man that his wife was having an extra-marital affair with her brother.

After being caught red-handed, the wife reportedly showed no sign of remorse and she allegedly begged her boyfriend to continue having sex with her in front of her husband as punishment because he starved her sexually.

The woman accused her husband of disturbing her while she was having the best sex of her life. This did not go down well with the businessman, who quickly drank cyanide in an attempted to kill himself.

Someone close to the couple said that the mistress informed her lover over his wife’s cheating in an attempt to have him divorce his wife so that she could live with him.

After being tipped off about the illicit relationship, the man quickly ran home and found his wife having sex with the man in their bed.