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35-year-old man cuts off his private parts with razor blade because 3 women told him to do so

By Mason White 12:57 PM February 3, 2015
Razor blade illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A man was rushed to a hospital after cutting off his private parts because several women told him to do so, police in Nigeria said.

Kwara State Police said that 35-year-old Wahab Sa’adu, has cut his private parts with a razor blade.

The victim, who is a fashion designer, rushed home after cutting off his manhood in the garden of his home. The father of the victim, who was at the home visiting his son, fainted after seeing the private parts on the ground.

Sa’adu was rushed to a hospital, where doctors were unable to reattach his private parts. Sa’adu told investigators that he was hypnotized by three female witches.

He said that the witches appeared before him and ordered him to drink battery acid. He did so the next morning. Three days later, the women appeared again and ordered him to cut off his private parts.

The following day, Sa’adu cut off his manhood.