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Man has long sexual relationship with dolphin because it seduced him (video)

By Mason White 4:45 PM February 3, 2015
Malcolm Brenner 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) An elderly man in Florida, admitted to having sex with a dolphin, claiming that it seduced him into the relationship.

63-year-old Malcolm Brenner of Punta Gorda, said that the sexual relationship began when he started rubbing Dolly the dolphin, along its back and worked his way to its fins and tail.

Brenner was given free access to the dolphins of an amusement park in Sarasota, where he fell in love with Dolly. Brenner said that Dolly announced its sexual intentions by positioning itself to rub against him.

At first, he rejected the advances, but after some time, he thought that if Dolly was a woman he would have embraced her.

Dolly evaded the male dolphin in order to spend time alone with Brenner. When Dolly died, Brenner felt terrible and suffered from depression for five years.

Brenner believes that Dolly committed suicide because park officials moved it to a different park and it was unable to have sex with him.