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Man rapes over 100 women in hotel rooms and sells videos of his actions on the Internet

By Mason White 3:03 PM February 5, 2015
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A man managed to drug and rape over 100 women by telling them that he was conducting a medical study, police in Japan said.

Chiba Police said that they arrested 54-year-old Hideyuki Noguchi, after telling women that he was conducting a medical study involved measuring blood pressure during sleep.

Noguchi placed advertisements in the media and the women voluntarily agreed to participate in what they believed was research.

According to the police investigation, Noguchi was using powerful sedatives that caused the women to fall unconscious in hotel rooms across the country.

Noguchi then proceeded to rape the victims in their sleep while recording his actions. All recorded videos have been uploaded to the Internet and sold for profit to adult video sites.

Noguchi made more than 10 million yen ($85,000) by selling the videos. So far, police were able to identify 39 women from Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Tochigi, and Shizuoka.

All victims were aged between 18 and 40. Police believe that there may be hundreds of victims, and they urge women to come forward.