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Woman eats dog treats at Walmart and walks out without paying for them

By Mason White 10:33 AM February 6, 2015
Shawn Michelle Warden insert 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was arrested after she was seen eating dog treats without paying for them.

The woman of Florida, drank Red Bull and ate dog treats at Walmart, before leaving without paying for the items.

Shawn Michelle Warden, 49, of North Naples, was arrested on Sunday. She faces a charge of theft.

According to police, Warden was shopping inside the Walmart about 7:15 p.m. At first, she shopped at the school supplies isle. Employees watched the woman open multiple items and placed them into a binder before placing them into her bag.

She then took a Red Bull energy drink. When the drink fell to the ground and spilled, she reached for a second bottle.

Employees said that Warden then grabbed a bag of rawhide dog treats from the shelf, opened the package and started eating the chips.

She then allegedly placed the bag back onto the shelf while putting a few pieces in her purse. Warden paid for some of the items, but not for everything.

Loss Prevention officers detained her. According to police, when officers questioned Warden, she said: “I was just putting together the binder for my granddaughter.”

The woman was charged with petty theft over the stolen items which totals $75.78.