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Female bird kills its mate because the male organ was too small

By Mason White 1:08 PM February 9, 2015
Owl illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Animal shelter employees in Poland, were shocked to discover that a female bird killed its mate because the male organ was too small and it wasn’t interested in having sex.

The snowy owl named Black Widow, that was being kept at the animal shelter of the Knyszynska Forest, was introduced to a male in its enclosure to offer it company.

However, two days later, the male owl was found dead and eaten.

According to the investigation, the first two days, the two played together and seemed to be fine, but on the third day, the male owl was dead.

The remains of the male owl were taken to a veterinarian, and after examining the bird, it was discovered that its male organ was underdeveloped.

In other words, the male owl was not a suitable lover, and when the female realized it after two days, the male owl was killed.