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Hand Angels volunteers give sexual pleasure to severely disabled people

By Mason White 12:39 PM February 9, 2015
disabled man illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A charity organization is recruiting volunteers to help disabled people with their sex lives.

The volunteers give sexual pleasure to disabled people, who are unable to do so themselves.

The Hand Angels group believes that disabled people should be able to experience sexual pleasure and that they deserve to enjoy this fundamental part of human experience just like everyone else.

The group, which is based in Taiwan, currently has a team of 10 volunteers from all walks of life to help provide customers with sexual pleasures. The group has explicit rules about what they will and will not do.

One man, named Andy, spoke about his experience with Hand Angles. Andy, who is a gay man living with muscular dystrophy in Taiwan, said that he has attempted to make deeper connections with a partner, but was unable to do so.

One “Angel” gave him the much desired human touch. He was hugged and caressed before the angel gave him sexual pleasure.

Although this is still controversial, the mere existence of the “Hand Angels” has ignited an important dialogue about sexual rights for people with disabilities.