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Twin sisters marry the same man because they always shared everything since birth

By Mason White 3:08 PM February 10, 2015
Owami and Olwethu Mzazi with Mzukiseni Mzazi 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Twin sisters in South Africa, who shared everything since they were born, decided to marry the same man.

Owami and Olwethu Mzazi, both 26, announced to their family and friends that they married 51-year-old Mzukiseni Mzazi.

The twin sisters said that they had always dreamed of marrying the same man as they have shared everything since birth. “We always do everything together. We share everything. That’s how our grandmother raised us,” the sisters said.

The identical twin sisters of Vosloorus, told all the men they dated that they would need to marry them both as they won’t be able to get one without the other.

Growing up, they always washed the dishes, cleaned their home, played and even bathed together. Now, they will be able to share the same man in bed.