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Woman claims to be saving marriages by sleeping with married men

By Mason White 11:05 AM February 11, 2015
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By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman sees no shame in sleeping with married men.

The woman claims that she is helping marriages by sleeping with the married men.

Karen Marley, 48, of Richmond, England, explained that she began dating married men after divorcing her husband.

She tried Internet dating, but she realized that most guys were lying to her about being single.

Marley said that she likes sleeping with married men because she enjoys the freedom of not being attached to them.

Marley insist that she is not a homewrecker because she does not want to steal anyone’s man . “They just come over once every two weeks and then they go back to their wives,” Marley explained.

Ironically, Marley said that despite the fact that she sleeps with married man, she would not stay with a man if she found out that he was cheating on her.

“I would not tolerate an affair,” she said. “I would not settle down with any man I have been dating because if they cheated once, they will cheat again,” she added.

However, Marley is confident that no man would have the need to cheat on her because she will be able to keep him happy.