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Pregnant woman forced to undergo internal exam in front of airline passengers

By Mason White 11:11 AM February 11, 2015
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was thrown off an airplane after being forced to undergo an internal exam in front of passengers.

Kerry Deane, 32, of the United Kingdom, went with her partner and their children on vacation to Tunisia.

However, when Deane, who is 35 weeks pregnant, was ready to return to her home in Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, she was forced to undergo an embarrassing examination.

Deane said that the airplane staff members demanded that she go to the front of the plane, where she was examined by two female doctors.

The pregnant mother of three children told staff members that she had documentation from her doctor, stating that she was fit to travel, but they refused to accept it and ordered her to undergo an internal examination before she was kicked off the plane.

Deane said that when she booked the trip with a travel agent, she was informed that women can fly at up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. However, each airline has the right to set their own guidelines.

After the exam, Kerry, her partner Gary, and their three children, were told to leave the plane, which had already been delayed by 45 minutes.

The young family members, including 10-year-old Broxon, Alicia, 9, and 6-year-old Garyn, were left stranded at Tunisia’s Enfidha Airport for hours before being put on a flight to Newcastle, which is about 150 miles away from their home.

The travel agency had a van waiting for the family and drove them home. The family now plans to sue the airline for the embarrassing encounter.