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82-year-old woman caught shoplifting bottle of “Sexiest Fantasies” perfume from store

By Mason White 3:55 PM February 12, 2015
Anneliese Young 

By: Feng Qian
An elderly woman was arrested on charges of shoplifting after allegedly stealing a bottle of “Sexiest Fantasies” perfume from a store, police in Georgia said.

Richmond County Police said that they arrested 82-year-old Anneliese Young, after an employee of CVS caught her placing the bottle of perfume in her bag and not paying for it.

CVS is selling the perfume for $7.39. It is also available on the Internet for under $5. According to the police investigation, Young was confronted by the CVS employee outside of the store.

Young apologized and handed over the perfume. However, the employee called the police and told them to file criminal charges against Young.

Young was arrested on booked into jail on a charge of shoplifting. The maker of the perfume promises that the fragrance will drive men wild.