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Lesbian helpline only gets calls from men seeking to hook up with women

By Mason White 4:36 PM February 15, 2015
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A helpline that was set up to help women who are lesbian, is only attracting men who are seeking to hook up with women, the Community Welfare Organisation of India said.

Nearly all the calls to first lesbian helpline in Chennai, are men, Aksam, 24, a boxing trainer who volunteers at the helpline, said.

Some men call to try to get the contact numbers for lesbians, while others were curious about lesbianism and relations between women, she said.

Some men call and say that they have a sister, wife or relative who is attracted to women, but they are ashamed to call themselves, but eventually, they ask for contact numbers of lesbians.

When those men are asked to pass the phone to the woman, they refuse. Several men asked questions like how women are attracted to other women and how they have a relationship.

The Community Welfare Organization launched the helpline after a lesbian couple committed suicide in the city. The helpline gets calls from Tamil Nadu, and from citizens who have moved to the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.

The organization has urged men to stop calling the helpline as they drain resources meant to help women.