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Travelers scramble for toilets as water in airport bathrooms remain frozen

By Mason White 3:04 PM February 17, 2015
Airport toilet illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Travelers passing through an airport in Canada, have no place to relieve themselves as the water in all the bathrooms froze.

The bathrooms at the airport in Nain, Newfoundland and Labrador, are out of service and out of order signs are hanging on the doors, weeks after the Minister of Transportation and Works said that a fix was underway.

The province said that it plans to install waterless urinals at a cost of $5,000 each to solve the ice problem.

A few weeks ago, the minister boasted that the new toilets are ready to be installed, but it turned out that it was simply not the case.

Some travelers end up having to use the bathrooms in homes of people living near the airport. This is not the first time that toilets in Labrador contained frozen water.

Travelers landing in Nain, have the choice of going out in the brutal cold looking for a bathroom or holding it in. In one case, a traveler was forced to urinate in a coffee cup.