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Man caught hiding weed in his behind and crack in his mouth

By Mason White 5:01 PM February 17, 2015
Winfred Alphonso McAllister Jr. 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on charges of possessing drugs after he was found hiding weed in his behind and crack in his mouth, police in Georgia said.

Gainesville Police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Winfred Alphonso McAllister Jr. early on Thursday, after they found a bag of weed in his behind and a bag of crack in his mouth.

According to the police investigation, around 12:30 a.m., officers observed McAllister driving his red Mitsubishi Galant erratically.

He moved into the turn left only lane and back to his original lane twice. Officers pulled him over and smelled marijuana in the car.

Officers found marijuana in the man’s behind. The officers then noticed McAllister was hiding something in his mouth and asked him to take it out.

McAllister then began to chew and swallow the stuff he had in his mouth. The officers quickly pulled it out and identified it as a plastic bag of crack.

McAllister was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment and tampering with evidence.

The officers took him to the Alachua County Jail. His bail was set at $40,000 bond.