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Woman fights for custody of her kids after her death

By Mason White 11:53 AM February 17, 2015
Grave illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man fought his deceased former wife for custody of her children.

Now, the mother lost her custody battle from the grave.

The woman who lived in England, wanted to stop her 2 children from being returned to her former husband in Australia.

In her will, the mother wrote that it will be “extremely detrimental to their lives” if they return to their father and therefore, she asked that her 8-year-old daughter and son, 7, should be raised by her family members in England.

Her former husband went to court to fight his deceased former wife’s demands. A judge ruled in favor of the former husband at a hearing in the Family Division of London’s High Court.

The judge heard that the couple had been married for 10 years and lived in Darwin, Australia.

Two years ago, the woman, who had cancer, asked her former husband for permission to take the children to England, so that she can be treated for her illness.

Her husband agreed to the trip on the basis of going for medical treatment and as a vacation for the children. However, the woman never returned to Australia.

The woman’s family argued that the children’s mother
“made it clear” in her will that she wanted her son and daughter to “have little or nothing to do with their father.”

The judge ruled that the children should go back to Australia, where they were born and raised.

The judge said that the man had been deceived by his former wife and his children had been unjustly kept away from him.

The children had no objection to being returned to their father in Australia.