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Ungrateful father kills his 22-year-old son after being invited to live with his family

By Mason White 12:37 PM February 17, 2015
Brian Golec 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman is devastated over the loss of her fiance, who was killed by his own father.

Brian Golec, 22, of Akron, Ohio, was a good soul, who cared for others more than he cared for himself, his mother Christine Hamblin said.

His fiancee, Sarah Price, described him as a “beautiful soul” and “my soul mate.”

The victim’s mother said that her son was trying to reconnect with his deadbeat father and allowed him to move in.

The father, Kevin Golec, 53, was previously jailed on two felonies for failing to pay $30,862 in child support for his son.

After inviting his father to live with him and his family, Brian Golec suspected that his father was doing drugs and stealing money from him, police said.

When Brian Golec asked his father to move out of his home, he stabbed him in the neck, killing him instantly.

Kevin Golec called police after the stabbing and told them that members of a cult broke into the home, and attacked and killed his son.

Kevin Golec was charged with murder and domestic violence. “It breaks my heart,” his mother Christine said.

Close friends said that Brian Golec, who was a drummer of a punk rock band, once identified as a woman and went by the name of “Bri.” However, one year ago, he went back to identifying a himself a “Brian.”

Akron Police said that his gender identity was not a factor in his death.

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