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Time Warner Cable calls customer “c**t” in letter because she tried to cancel her service

By Mason White 2:20 PM February 20, 2015
Time Warner Cable calls customer a “c**t” 

By: Chan Yuan
A Time Warner Cable customer is angry after receiving a letter from the company in which she is called a “c**t.”

Esperanza Martinez of Orange County, California, published the letter she received from Time Warner on the Internet.

The letter states: “Dear C**t Martinez. We know that you recently decided to cancel your services.” However, Martinez said that she never asked to cancel her service.

She said that she called the company to report a problem with her cable box after which they promised to send a technician to her home.

Martinez called Time Warner about the letter, and the company said that they do not see any service request. They did however see the name change request.

The company has since apologized to Martinez, blaming a third party for making the name change. The company said it has canceled its partnership with that party.

Martinez was also offered a year of free cable and Internet service.